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They were finally back in their ship heading to the current base when Kay said, "Now we are safe and there is zero chance of interruption. Explain."

Cassian leaned back in his seat as he tried to find a beginning, "I met Sombra in a cantina that shouldn't exist as its at the End of the Universe where time stops. She's from a place called Earth, a planet many of the patrons are from. She is as you saw a very good slicer. When we first met, I trusted my instincts that said she would be a good ally and used her when the chance came."

"I need to go there to find out if this Milliways is actually safe, you have been wrong before and it should not exist," He could feel Kay giving him one of his long looks, he tried to never trust too much since when he was younger, he'd trusted too many seeming friends. Now he used friendliness for the sake of the Rebellion and didn't risk becoming a friend as that didn't make sense with the role he held.

"I have but I'm not wrong now and its not completely safe, its mainly safe," With a sigh, he turned to meet Kay's look, "When I next have a door I will take you through but we can't tell anyone else."

"Why not? The odds that either of us would be believed are slim," Kay made a good point but the discussion would pull attention from other issues.

"Because there are too many factors and dangers involved to rely on it too much," And he wants Kay there since Kay is Kay and his friend and co-pilot but he doesn't know how it fits into the Rebellion. A small and selfish part of him that he is ignoring points out that he doesn't have to truly work there and doesn't want to.

"When will you have a door?" Kay pointedly asked because their life was built on knowing arrivals and departures.

"I don't know, I can't predict them."

"That is badly organized and not helpful, but I will wait," Kay turned back to the window and Cassian smiled before standing up to get something to eat.
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“Can you do this, Andor?”

Cassian held himself straight at Draven’s question, he could do this, “Yes, sir.”

“Good, it should be simple and if anything goes wrong?” He could hear the disappointment in his capture in Draven’s voice, he would be prepared.

“Kay and I get out with all we can and don’t provide anything to connect us to anyone,” In and out and the cover identity would be stronger.

Draven nodded at him before leaving as Cassian started towards his ship. It would take a few stops to get there and chances to collect information.


An Imperial Base in the Mid-Rim

As soon as the door closed, he pulled off the hat, jacket and gloves and sat on the bed as the shakes came back. They hadn’t been bothering him but being here and playing this part was getting to him. There was too much time when all he was doing was thinking and observing. This wouldn’t be the last time he did this, it wasn’t the first time just the longest, he had to get better.

He was doing this, no one suspected him, in their eyes, he was another officer, not worth paying attention to. Perhaps even lower in their minds with his Outer Rim accent, they didn’t look as closely at him. It would only be a few more days, they were almost at the information they needed and then they could get out. Transfer orders were waiting and there was access to send them out and route them back to where the ship was waiting.
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"Kay, why didn't that work?" Cassian stared at the console, those were the right access codes. They worked yesterday.

"I do not know but there is a fifty-seven percent chance that the codes were altered by the other new officer. He seemed to have opinions about security," Kay was sounding almost prim, that meant he was worried.

"I heard him, he lectured everyone over dinner about how its better to expect trouble because if you find it then that will earn you a promotion. Kriff, I can't break this," He hit the computer as Kay looked down the hall.

"We have an hour before the shift change and your transfer orders are arriving on the next courier," Both of them now glanced over their shoulders and Cassian spotted a door, it led to a garbage chute.

"I have an idea," He walked up to the door and tried to think of Milliways and Sombra, picturing her in his mind and Ibani as well. She knows the Force, perhaps she can intercede on his behalf.

The chute opened onto the noise of the Bar and Cassian climbed in as he heard Kay start to make a sound, "I will explain when I get back. This will help."

"You are being foolish," Kay's voice carried into the Bar as Cassian stepped through, pulling off the hat and feeling very exposed in the Imperial uniform.
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Cassian's found an X-Wing that seems like it wouldn't take too much to get properly working. After realizing what to ask, he was able to borrow a proper tool kit from Bar and a ladder down in the garage.

That's why he's half in and half out of an X-Wing and wishing that Kay was here to hand him things and tell him what he's not seeing. He knows how to fix most ships but this one is being stubborn.
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Scream if you have to but never talk.

Draven's words ran through his mind as the power arced through his body and he bit back a scream. If he thought on the mission, not the pain, he would survive. Either Kay would find a way to get to him or he'd be executed. The 'trooper who caught him after he made the one shot he needed had roughed him and with the swelling and blood, he couldn't be easily identified. From the questions, they thought he was working on his own and the officer liked his pain. If he had to speak, he'd used Festian, no one knew it and it gave a small release to curse them. What mattered was that he'd killed the slaver who had been going to Kashyyyk.

"Enough, I'm going to write my report and will dispose of him when I've less to do," The lieutenant said and left, he heard the snick of the cell shutting and shuddered against the restraints. He couldn't seem to stop the shuddering, the light was too bright and the power or the cold had gotten into him.

When the door opened, he couldn't manage to lift his head as he heard Kay saying, "I am moving the prisoner, those are my orders." He wanted to whisper to Kay to keep it simple as he felt 'troopers' gloves unclasp him and put cuffs on. When Kay held the cuffs and somehow managed to hold him up and in front of him, he thanked the Force, "If he is dead, you will be in trouble."

The 'troopers mumbled and he focused on the reassuring clank of Kay's joints as he walked and leaned slightly to rest and to give Kay directions to get out quicker. At the ship, Kay uncuffed him and sooner than he expected, there was the whirr of the hyperdrive. He looked at Kay and managed a nod, "I'll be fine, a little cold."

"You are lying badly and will go to the Infirmary, I will report on the mission," Kay said and Cassian smiled as he leaned back on the seat.

On the base, he was better able to walk but still kept shuddering and could taste blood from where the 'trooper had hit him. At the Infirmary, there wasn't much to do and when the medic asked him to lie down, he shook his head which hurt, "I'll rest better in my quarters."

"Captain Andor, you will come back here tomorrow morning or I will bring you back," He knew her name, but couldn't remember it, the look in her eyes was sad and intense and he tried to look better.

"I will. I'll rest better there," His voice worked for him, it was fairly true and he stood up and focused on walking. The quarters were tiny but his and in the distance, he thought he could almost hear Kay reporting.
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Cassian allowed himself a quiet kriff as he almost ran down the alley, not a full on run that would call too much attention to him. The 'troopers boots were getting louder and he couldn't hear the explosions that should be going off.

He knew he'd set them properly and there hadn't been any chatter on the comms from the rest of the team. There was an empty house he could slip into on this block, there was roof access, he could check what was going on and see if it would be a landing place for Kay. He opened the door and froze.
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In the morning after sleeping with Matt's spell under his pillow, Cassian wakes up with a start and realizes that he feels rested.

His dreams were full but not nightmares, he can't recall many times when that's happened. After stepping into the 'fresher, checking his wound that's healing cleanly and rebandaging it, he starts typing a report for Matt. He debates how deeply to describe the difference between the nightmares he usually has, so many of them are full of times he's had to kill for the Rebellion or missions that went wrong.

In the end, he keeps it simple and knows that Matt can ask for details, many of his reports to Draven are that way in case anything is intercepted and because Draven chooses to pick and choose what intel he shares. Its not ideal and he knows some missions have gone wrong because of missing pieces, ones he hadn't found and didn't know or someone didn't know, but lives have been saved too. No one can break and tell something they don't know. When he reaches the counter, he orders a caf and looks around for Matt and asks for the latest news on his pad.


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