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“I swear to every classification I know, it doesn’t make sense. You know how it is, another new form, but no easy way to enter it,” She sighed and took a long drink of the nice whiskey that Cassian had provided as he rested his aching ankle on her stool.

“I know, you’d think they’d want to make it easier for themselves. Have you heard that they’re going to reclassify the rations?” It was easy to sound skeptical, the organization in the Empire could work far too well in some ways but had holes. Tired bureaucrats especially archivists who wanted everything to be available knew all the openings and Beca was one of them. They had first met when he was traveling between jobs and ended up keeping in touch, much of her knowledge had led him to unexpected finds.

“That’s because of changing routes, I think. Everything has to be traced so if it’s lost then they know where to start looking. You fly those routes, I mean there are pirates and smugglers even others out there,” She tapped the table and he could almost see her entering forms and wondering.

“Yes, it seems like every time I fly somewhere, something changes,” An easy complaint and she knew him as a pilot only getting by.

“Promise me, Jeron, that you won’t only half do them, I can help if you need it. That data matters, that’s what makes the Empire run. Someday I’m going to be assigned to Coruscant or maybe..I can’t tell you about that one. Just a place where all the information really is and make it all make sense,” She was so passionate and he nodded for her.

“Of course not, I can’t risk anything happening. My ship’s all I have,” He sighed into his drink, he knew what to put into forms and glanced around. They hadn’t said anything too risky and this was a noisy cantina at a spaceport, the meeting itself was only planned on his end. He’d noticed her name in travel records and this stopover led well to where he was headed next.

She sipped her drink after giving him a thoughtful look, he was glad she cared, though all she knew of him was a lie. Not all of it, there was some truth in it, but if she knew the truth of him, she'd turn him into the Empire.

An announcement blared outside as a patrol stomped by, Beca checked her datapad, “I should be going. It’s always good to see you, Jeron. I hope you get some profitable jobs.”

“And I hope the new changes help you out,” He stood up without a wince as she did with a smile.

“I’ll sort them out,” She patted his shoulder before turning to leave. Cassian finished his drink leaning on the counter before limping out to find Kay.
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Cassian wants to be going on a mission again but that means getting all the pieces together.

As he's finding sleep hard to come by, he takes his datapad and goes to rest on Kay where he's recharging.

Soon he has projections of possible routes and options for a sabotage up and the plan's looking like something he can take to Draven and command for approval.
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Cassian paced outside his plane while Kay bumped against the door with a set of strident beeps, "I know they should be back by now and they will be."

The plan had made sense at the time, he would be the in and out while Eliot, Parker and Hardison finished the job to get the records that would take down a major player in Ecorp that was financing domestic terrorism. Parker's plan made more sense than others he'd heard but he wished he was there but the three of them were a team. He'd just get in the way, that was how good teams worked, they had some give but they fit each other. A car roared up as he got a text from Eliot saying go, Cassian turned and told Kay, "Start it up."

Before he got in, men pulled out of the car and he cursed, this wasn't part of the plan. Four men, he couldn't see guns but they might be waiting on them. As they came up, he held up his hands and said in his heaviest accent, "Hello, okay if I land here? I got lost."

"Search the plane," As the first man came towards him, Cassian grabbed his arm and with a quick move almost knocked him out but he wasn't fast enough. Soon he was fighting off two men as Kay beeped and he heard another car which he hoped was Eliot.

There was the zap of a taser as Parker took down someone and then Eliot at his side while he rolled with a punch that probably cracked a rib.

"Andor, get us out of here!" Eliot yelled as the fight seemed to grow, but he wasn't leaving Eliot to fight on his own.

A gun went flying and he had an opening to duck get himself back and into the plane, Kay had already started pre-flight which he continued while licking blood off his lips, "Get in and go!"

He heard them enter and the slam of the door as they started to take off and now there were gunshots.

"I know they're shooting, Andor, but we're clear," Eliot said as they finally lifted off and he heard Parker laugh. "I like having a plane around. I want to jump out of it later. Can we do that?"

Cassian smiled and nodded at her as Eliot put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Another time. We got it."

"Just putting the last pieces in place and tomorrow they'll fall down," Hardison said with a smile.

The rest of the flight went smoothly and as he landed at the airport near their headquarters, Eliot nodded at him, it was good to see Eliot content, "We should be clear. Give things some space and I'll send you a cut."

As he watched Hardison marvel at Kay then leave with Parker, he watched the warmth in Eliot's face and shrugged, "Take them down and enough to cover fuel and bullet holes and we'll be even."

Eliot gave him one of his far to perceptive looks and said, "Get yourself a team, Andor."

"Keep yours safe," Cassian said then watched Eliot leave before taking off towards home, teams came apart, people left or died. They were never built on anything strong enough to last, not in this business.
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"Papa, Papa!" Cassian yelled and finally saw his father with blood in his hair.

"Mijo, you're alive, come on," His Papa held his hand and they ran trying to get away from the explosions and then were home but home wasn't there.

Cassian cried out and started digging as he heard his father beside him. He kept digging and digging through the rocks and finding faces; his mother, Paolo, Lilah, a stormtrooper with a broken helmet.

He woke up with a cry and stared at the ceiling of his quarters before pulling himself up and getting dressed. Outside the base was quiet, it was in the strange twilight hour of being too late but not early yet.

Leverage AU

Aug. 6th, 2017 09:40 pm
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Captain Cassian Andor, army retired was born in Mexico City where his father and mother were both journalists dedicating to fighting against corruption. His mother was killed when he was three but his father lived to go with him to Northern California before being dying in a protest gone wrong. Cassian grew up working in the orange and nut orchards, learned to fly from a crop dusting pilot before joining the army as early as they would let him enlist for the chance at citizenship and a better life. Early on in his career, he caught the eye of General Draven, who noticed his gift for adapting, his steady shot and his ability to blend in. In his tours, Draven taught him to do the dirty work of war that left Cassian able to kill and fade into the background.

When he chose to leave, Draven kept strings on him as he found other ways to use his skills. One of the best things to come from his service is a repurposed robot named Kay who works with him as he takes retrieval jobs and uses his plane to get where he's needed. He and Eliot Spencer have been friends since the army and have run up against each other in the dirty world of being a hitter for hire. Now that Eliot's found his own team with Hardison and Parker running Leverage, he's started to suggest Cassian do the same while also using Cassian's plane to get his team out of trouble.

ECorp, a multinational corporation has been a solid presence in the world and Cassian's been keeping an eye on them and searching for weaknesses.
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Cassian has his exit all planned but he needs to talk to Enla or have her want to talk to him. He's spent the day doing busywork around the office until Ganto taps him on the shoulder and he turns in surprise, gripping his datapad to stop his trained response of fighting, "Willix, the day's over. Come and have a drink. Enla's in a good mood."

Before he can answer, Enla walks over and gives them both a thoughtful look, "Yes, come on. Our department impressed, I'm being kind of enough to share a drink with both of you."

Cassian stood up, closing everything up and took a moment to frown at his datapad before putting it away. "What's wrong?"

Ganto asked and Cassian gave a sad smile. "News from home. I think I'm going to have to go back," He made his accent more as Ganto patted him.

"What happened?"

Enla turned to listen but kept walking out, close enough to listen and knowing they would follow her.

"Trouble with my cousin Kay. I can get him out of it but I have to be there," Its a variation on the truth because Kay does better with him there. Ganto gave him another pat, Cassian smiled back with a sad look, he appreciated how Ganto worried about everyone.

By the time they reached the Nexus cantina, he could tell from how she watched him that Enla had decided to talk to him. While Ganto got the drinks, she slipped a datachip his way under a napkin, "That's the information for Cassidy. Do you know what he's doing out there?"

"No, but the officers were mentioning Lothal before they left. I don't know why. Cassidy doesn't tell me why he does anything," He makes his voice sad and yearning as he slipped the datachip away.

"Hm, if he hears anything, pass it my way. That will get to me or my cousin," As she finished speaking, Ganto came back with the drinks and they toasted the Empire and Cassian thanked Cassidy under his breath.

The next day, he told Niol about how he had to leave and was able to get a travel visa to get him started in one direction. Going through the paperwork to leave the office was annoying but gave him a chance to doublecheck his programs on the system. The night before he caught his ship, he dressed down and went back to The Idiot's Array. Sinya was behind the counter as he slid a couple of credits with a datacard mixed in across to her, "I'm leaving and wanted to have a last drink."

She didn't look at the datacard as she hid it away only gave him a thoughtful look, "I'll get you some All or Nothing."

"I didn't know when I might see you again and Cassidy keeps asking about you. That's a way to contact me. I know how to find him and I looked into ships for you," His salary here has been small but Sinya could be a good asset and is worth investing in.

She poured out his drink and one for herself before lifting her glass, "To a good journey."

"To a good journey and open skies," He meets her gaze and sees her think about his phrasing. Its up to her how much she trusts him.

The evening passes fairly quietly for the cantina, a few fights but nothing bad enough for 'troopers to be called in. Early in the morning, he slipped out of his apartment to catch his ship as he mentally calculated where to change covers and when it was safe to send Kay the rendezvous coordinates. He'd allow himself to relax when he saw Kay and they were on their way back to someplace safe.
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"On this day, the fourteenth since the Ascension of our Emperor and the creation of peace in the galaxy, we celebrate from Coruscant to the far reaches of the Outer Rim!" The holovid echoed through the streets of Ord Mantell with cheers, Cassian could hear they weren't eager but practiced from his spot by the office window. Down in the streets, clusters of 'troopers moved among the crowd and he could see the balls of camera and surveillance droids recording the moment and watching who didn't cheer loud enough. Once the cheers died down, he turned to finish up the party planning, the only benefit to being the lowest in the office was he didn't have to go everything.

He'd done as expected and moped at not going, now he'd seen the food was ready and was at the supervisor's desk slicing as deep as he could. Sombra could have done it faster but he needed to be careful and not leave anything to be traced by, steal information especially from the Imperial ship in dock. His comm beeped and his lifted it up, making his voice harried, "Yes, Willix here."

On the other end, Enla said crisply, "Is everything ready? I'm coming up with the commander and he wants to be impressed."

"He will be," In a few moments, he was out of the program and made himself disappear before going down the hall to let the caterers know it was time. He straightened his suit and stretched, he could do this, one more bureaucrat, no one to be seen in this Mid-Rim office.

The officers entered and looked everything over with a few tuts, before going for the most expensive drinks and food on display. When a lower level officer, an Ensign waved him over, he walked over and said, "Yes, sir."

"Those pastry things, I've never had them before. Get me a few from the kitchen and there's a credit in it for you."

Cassian lowered his eyes because he knew some of his anger would show and leaned on his accent, "Course, sir."

It was a relief to have an excuse to get out of that room and in the kitchen, Sinya, who was one of the Twi'lek servers handed him a small glass, "Drink that, you need it."

He took it and smiled at the taste of All or Nothing, "Thank you. I need a plate of those for the Ensign seeing what he can get away with."

She laughed, "They are good. Take one for yourself before bringing them out and if we survive tonight. I'll give you half price off a bottle of All or Nothing."

It wasn't hard to look surprised, that was generous of her, but he had helped with the hiring of this company, "You'd do that?"

"Yes, we have to stick together," From the party, Enla laughed and laughed at something and Cassian went back into the room. Somehow the party wound to its end and he helped in the kitchen, Ganto did too, it was comfortable to be around food and no voiced jokes but a few impressions. Enla had gone on to another gathering but he had pressed into her hands the holovid from Cassidy. As she was leaving, Sinya clapped him on the shoulder and he paid her for the bottle as she said, "Find someone to share that with, Willix. You have a nice face but don't smile enough."

He laughed and this time it was fairly genuine, "I've heard that before and I'll work on it."

Soon he was the last one in the office except for the cleaning droids and as he left, he checked the surveillance to double check there was no sign of what he'd done. As he was walking out, he kept a hand in his pocket and in the other one clutched the bottle to hide how tightly his hands were clenched. He wasn't here for destruction, he had no back up or plan but it would feel nice to wreck one of the Empire's banners.
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The door opens onto the library and Cassian stops for a moment to marvel at all the paper books, he's never seen so many before.

In his work he hasn't had reasons to go to libraries and gently reaches out to touch the shelves and see where they might need to go.

Long days

Jul. 22nd, 2017 10:53 pm
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"Willix, where is that itinerary?!" Niol yelled and Cassian handed over the datapad. Behind him Ganto was preparing invitations while Enla watched from behind her desk. She had the more pleasant job of working on catering.

With a nod, Niol took it and waved his hand, "Now double check the decorations and see if Enla needs anything. This will be the finest party in Ord Mantell City."

Cassian went back to his desk, someday this job would end, he had to get through Empire Day. Then he would have access to higher level information and then transfer orders would come through.

At the brief caf break, Enla took the first mug and said, "Your friend, I'm still interested but you both need to prove yourself. I want a properly secure conversation. If you can't do that then don't bother."

"I'll see what I can do," He nodded his head, feeling all the tension in his shoulders, he would have to find a time to spar or shoot in Milliways. Enla went back to Niol with a smile, she was planning on using Empire Day to get closer to the Core.

Ganto handed him a mug of caf with a sad smile, "We'll get through this."

Cassian managed an answering smile, in another life, Ganto would be a good friend to have, "We will and the day after Empire Day get horribly drunk."

That made Ganto quietly laugh before they went back to moving the cogs of Empire while Cassian searched for where to slow them.

The work

Jul. 17th, 2017 10:03 pm
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Cassian typed in another form, one more ship to pass through and he knew that Enla would find a way to take her skim off while their boss would add another charge. The Black Sun had left their most of their structure behind, ways to keep ships behind, every shopkeeper expected to pay for insurance, all the Empire had to do was take it over.

Evidence upon evidence but who would care, the Senate where getting a topic that mattered spoken of required months of work. Advocate groups that were concerned with all their own troubles and wanted their names mentioned on the Holonet in Coruscant. It would go to the Senators when he had it distilled, Organa knew how to make change, small change but it existed. One chink in the armor, but how many would it take to bring it all down?

Patterns of ships and troops, that could lead to disruption but too much and the retaliation could go in the wrong places. Where were those shipments going? He'd have to find deeper links into Imperial records to find out. Where was the Empire going next? Would they ever be able to stop them?

He stretched as the shift ended, smiled at Ganto and went to buy a cheap dinner. His gaze went to the ships passing overhead, everything moving somewhere and if he kept looking, he'd see the Empire's patterns and how to destroy them.
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When Cassian enters, he's changed into a shirt that maybe once was red and a suit jacket that's casual and like the other one, once belonged to a larger man.

It helps to sell the character if his clothes show someone trying to improve and get farther from the Outer Rim.

He looks around for Cassidy as they want to use as much of the night as they can.
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"Willix, get over here and bring me those reports!" The yell carried through the office and Cassian hurried over to say with his accent stronger, "Here, sir, all prepared."

Niol, the customs' officer at the port took the datachip and scanned it with a few tuts, "Fair work but you'll have to do better here in the Mid-Rim, Willix."

"Of course, sir, I want to prove myself," Cassian smoothed his hair and kept his eyes low until he was dismissed with a wave. Then he went back to his desk to sit and work on the busywork of the port and looking for the cracks that he could use.

Night had long fallen by the time he made his way to the tiny government apartment that he was assigned and pushed open the door. Then he tugged off the suit jacket and stretched, he'd have to find which cantinas to go into next. He'd had a few openings from others at the offices but they wanted to see how eager and how smart he was, which meant a lot of playing up being from the Outer Rim. Lunch tomorrow would be a good chance to ask and be amazed at Ord Mantell, they'd like that. He checked the apartment, no one had searched it though he expected they would at some point and his compartment was well hidden.
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“Captain Andor, I don’t care what you do during the day but until your side is healed to a point I deem enough, you will spend the night in the medbay,” Doctor Relyne’s voice bore through Cassian as he sat with Kay in the shadows near the tactical room.

He didn’t know how she found him, it was too bad she wasn’t in Intelligence, no one could hide from her. Slowly he stood up, his side was sore and Kay automatically stood up with him, “Yes, ma’am. I’ll do that.”

“If you insist on working out here, then at least get another dose, your last one is clearly wearing off,” She said and looked pointedly at how he was slightly leaning on Kay.

Kay said, “It is, but Cassian was going to work another hour. When he is resting against me, he only hurts sometimes.”

“Kay, that’s not helping,” He appreciated Kay noticing, he did, just not telling everyone.

“Yes, it is. I monitor you and when you’re in pain, your heart rate goes up and you change how you sit multiple times,” Kay looked at him to explain in his patient voice.

“Thank you, Kaytwo, that is useful. Now Captain,” She gave him a long stare and Cassian walked towards her and the medbay. Kay stayed beside him until he was deposited on a chair and Doctor Relyne gave him the hypospray. He could feel the fuzzy edges that the medicine brought as the pain lessened and leaned back on the chair, he’d sit until he felt like himself again.
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He couldn’t move, there was only the cold and he woke up trembling to see the faint lights of the medbay. His side hurt as he sat up and pulled on his boots, shirt, buckled on his belt with blaster before getting his jacket on and hugging it against himself. Somewhere would be warmer, the ship would be and Kay would understand if he was sleeping in there instead of his bunk. He took a breath and stood up before heading towards the hangar and trying not to hit anything.

The door that should have led to the hangar went to Milliways and he went to the elevator, there was a U-wing down there. All the distances seemed longer and he kept resting his hand on his blaster, no Imperials would find him down here. Finally he made it to the ship, opened the door with a lockpick and then laid down on the seats and fell asleep, not an easy sleep but rest. Sometime later he wakes up and stretches with a wince before leaning on the open door of the U-Wing, maybe sleeping in the garage of Milliways wasn't the wisest of ideas.
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The bacta's off and a basic wrapping's on, but Cassian can feel every movement of his shirt on the injury when he steps into the building lobby. Someone's dinner is burning and he can hear laughter but no one behind him as he walks casually through the building and onto the street. A shift at the port must have ended because the streets are busier. It makes it easier to hide but he feels every casual knock on his side.

By the time he reaches the U-Wing, he's moving slower than feels safe but the landing place is beyond the city in a destroyed village. When he's within a half a mile, Kay comes out and without asking puts an arm around him, "The odds were high that you would be injured and grew to 90 percent as you were later returning. I have the bacta prepared."

"Its not too bad, around my side," It was worse but the time in Milliways helped. The last distance to the ship feels long and he knows Kay is almost carrying him.

The travel opened the wound up and he hisses with pain as Kay puts the bacta on, "To heal properly, you will rest while I pilot to the next rendezvous."

"No, Kay, I can manage sitting," He starts to stand when Kay rests a hand on him, which is cold on his bare skin and he shivers and leans back, pulling his jacket back on.

"You will rest. Do not worry," Kay says with his stubborn voice.

Cassian nods as Kay turns to start the pre-flight checks, at the next stop, he'll move and by the time they reach base, the bacta will have done more and he can maybe avoid the medbay.
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Meeting an asset in their home never went well, too many variables that couldn't be controlled, Kay had informed him it was a horrible idea before he left. He agreed but this was the only way that the informant would share their intel. Kay couldn't come with him, he'd stand out too much in this neighborhood hanging onto respectability with dragging fingernails.

Cassian went up the lift which rattled, but he'd noticed some stairs that he could take if he needed to. Of course his asset lived on almost the top floor and as he stepped out, he straightened his jacket and felt his blaster in his bag. He did the arranged knock and Teth-Hi, a Cerean with greying hair peered out and around the hall and giving Cassian a long look, "There you are."

Then the door was opened enough for him to enter when a tiny Twi'lek child ran up to him, "Hello, are you going to play with me?"

Cassian gave Teth-Hi a raised eyebrow before lowering himself and smiling, "I don't have time to. I'm just here to get a message from Teth. Does Teth-Hi take care of you?"

This wasn't good, if there was a child involved then it would be easier for Teth-Hi to be pressured.

"Only when Papa's working, we live next door. Where do you live?" She kept talking and showing him what she was drawing on a datapad while Teth-Hi slipped a datachip into his hand.

"I live on my ship except when I'm able to stop at nice ports like yours," He kept his voice light and comforting though he didn't like this, he didn't know how much her father could be trusted. The datachip was slipped into one of the secret pockets in his jacket as the door opened and the smell of alcohol came before an older male Twi-lek.

Cassian stood up, blocking the girl as Teth-Hi stood up, "Mazer, you're home early."

Mazer only saw Cassian and started pointing at him, "Who's that? Who are you bringing around my Aayla?"

"Just leaving," He kept his voice gentle and didn't stand up fully, the Twi'lek was taller but standing up tall would be seen as a threat. Teth-Hi was in front of Aayla, who he managed to give a smile to and she watched him, her eyes serious as he slowly shifted towards the door. How often did this happen?

"I know who you are, you're going to ruin it all," Mazer seemed to wobble and in a movement faster than Cassian expected there was the hum of a vibraknife in Mazer's hands.

"I'm not trying to hurt anything, there's no need for that." As the knife came towards him, he did his best to block with his arm and heard the knife skim off the lockpicks in his sleeve before he got away from it.

Mazer and he had switched places but the Twi'lek only had eyes for him as he heard in Aayla's quiet pleading that this had happened before. A few more steps and he could move and he didn't think Mazer was up to following him. His eyes watched that knife which swayed but Mazer's hands were steady and as he prepared to dodge into the hall, at the same moment, Mazer lunged, the knife slicing under his open jacket and around his side as he ran. Behind him he heard Teth-Hi saying as Aayla cried, "See, he's gone, no one's coming to take you back, Mazer."

In the stairs, he clutched his side and got down another floor before looking at the curving and deep wound. He didn't have any bacta on him but he had another shirt that could be a bandage and at least the wound was under his jacket. Winding and pressing took longer than he wanted as his hands turned red and his shirt got darker. Finally it was set and he zipped up his jacket and wiped his hands with a grease stained cloth. He took his time with every step down the stairs, all eighteen flights before pausing at the door to the lobby. If he went through and took the quickest way, he could get back to where Kay was waiting. Kay always kept some bacta around and he just had to keep going, it was deep but he would survive, that's what he did.
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Cassian's spent the days since showing Sombra around busy following up on possible leads. He's played up being a tourist and watched a Holonet broadcast of the Senate, picked up some tips on how to blend as an Imperial while listening to bored aides complain about their jobs and done some slicing to help Wookie refugees have the proper visas to get someplace safer.

Now he's back at the cantina savoring a decent quality glass of Coreillian rum and trying to ignore the awful band. He's fairly certain that the owner, a human actually from Coruscant picks the bad bands on purpose so everyone drinks more. Beside him there's a bump as Mast sits down, "Buy me a drink, Jeron and tell me how a woman like that was going out with you."

"Why do I have to buy you a drink?" He almost whines but Mast's one of his favorites, they've known each other since Cassian first started coming to Coruscant. Two down on their luck boys from the Mid and Outer Rim trying to understand what they can do on a planet that felt like the whole galaxy in one place.

There are a lot of lies between them and a few truths. Mast's voice was fond, "Because you're my friend and I know everything that goes on."

"Fine, you win and I was paying her back for helping me out," He orders another round with a laugh as he rubs his hair, Sombra makes him feel hopeful and lighter, he's not used to that.

"You paid her back by bringing her here, you've found the perfect woman for you, Jeron. Does she also like the rust heap you fly in and with?" Mast shook his head, his tentacles shifting about as if he were under water; he knew about Kay but not well. It wasn't safe to bring Kay to Coruscant that often.

Before Cassian could answer, the sound in the cantina changed and they both turned to see the white of stormtroopers and the blue of Coruscant Underworld police at the door along with, "Attention, citizens this is a raid for your own safety."

As soon as they finished talking, the lights in the cantina flickered and everyone started to make for exits as the hum of vibroknives and blasters grow louder.

Cassian glances at Mast who nods to the side and they make their way through the chaos, throwing punches and kicks to get to the side door. With a crash the lights come back on and a click as they're both cuffed by a pair of stormtroopers, "Officer, I haven't done anything wrong, just having a drink."

Mast's doing his own fast talking along with others as they're hauled into a transport vehicle that closes shut.

Inside there's complaining and yelling as it starts to move. As soon as it moves, Cassian reaches for his boot and starts on the lock, "Mast, push right there for me and it'll open. This is an old model."

With a grunt and a satisfying thump, the back of the transport burst open to show that they're about five feet up and getting farther. Everyone dashes out, Cassian manages to just cushion his fall and roll into an alley, his lockpick still in his mouth.
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Cassian's in Coruscant to connect with some contacts and stay off the radar in the Mid-Rim for a little while. Its a good chance to pay back Sombra for her help, he opens the tiny closet in his hotel room while thinking of Milliways and does find it.

Today he's in his black jacket as it never stands out in the Core and with a number of forged identity cards if they need them. He looks around for her to bring her through.
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They were finally back in their ship heading to the current base when Kay said, "Now we are safe and there is zero chance of interruption. Explain."

Cassian leaned back in his seat as he tried to find a beginning, "I met Sombra in a cantina that shouldn't exist as its at the End of the Universe where time stops. She's from a place called Earth, a planet many of the patrons are from. She is as you saw a very good slicer. When we first met, I trusted my instincts that said she would be a good ally and used her when the chance came."

"I need to go there to find out if this Milliways is actually safe, you have been wrong before and it should not exist," He could feel Kay giving him one of his long looks, he tried to never trust too much since when he was younger, he'd trusted too many seeming friends. Now he used friendliness for the sake of the Rebellion and didn't risk becoming a friend as that didn't make sense with the role he held.

"I have but I'm not wrong now and its not completely safe, its mainly safe," With a sigh, he turned to meet Kay's look, "When I next have a door I will take you through but we can't tell anyone else."

"Why not? The odds that either of us would be believed are slim," Kay made a good point but the discussion would pull attention from other issues.

"Because there are too many factors and dangers involved to rely on it too much," And he wants Kay there since Kay is Kay and his friend and co-pilot but he doesn't know how it fits into the Rebellion. A small and selfish part of him that he is ignoring points out that he doesn't have to truly work there and doesn't want to.

"When will you have a door?" Kay pointedly asked because their life was built on knowing arrivals and departures.

"I don't know, I can't predict them."

"That is badly organized and not helpful, but I will wait," Kay turned back to the window and Cassian smiled before standing up to get something to eat.
childofrebellion: (taking orders)
“Can you do this, Andor?”

Cassian held himself straight at Draven’s question, he could do this, “Yes, sir.”

“Good, it should be simple and if anything goes wrong?” He could hear the disappointment in his capture in Draven’s voice, he would be prepared.

“Kay and I get out with all we can and don’t provide anything to connect us to anyone,” In and out and the cover identity would be stronger.

Draven nodded at him before leaving as Cassian started towards his ship. It would take a few stops to get there and chances to collect information.


An Imperial Base in the Mid-Rim

As soon as the door closed, he pulled off the hat, jacket and gloves and sat on the bed as the shakes came back. They hadn’t been bothering him but being here and playing this part was getting to him. There was too much time when all he was doing was thinking and observing. This wouldn’t be the last time he did this, it wasn’t the first time just the longest, he had to get better.

He was doing this, no one suspected him, in their eyes, he was another officer, not worth paying attention to. Perhaps even lower in their minds with his Outer Rim accent, they didn’t look as closely at him. It would only be a few more days, they were almost at the information they needed and then they could get out. Transfer orders were waiting and there was access to send them out and route them back to where the ship was waiting.
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