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Aug. 6th, 2017 09:40 pm
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Captain Cassian Andor, army retired was born in Mexico City where his father and mother were both journalists dedicating to fighting against corruption. His mother was killed when he was three but his father lived to go with him to Northern California before being dying in a protest gone wrong. Cassian grew up working in the orange and nut orchards, learned to fly from a crop dusting pilot before joining the army as early as they would let him enlist for the chance at citizenship and a better life. Early on in his career, he caught the eye of General Draven, who noticed his gift for adapting, his steady shot and his ability to blend in. In his tours, Draven taught him to do the dirty work of war that left Cassian able to kill and fade into the background.

When he chose to leave, Draven kept strings on him as he found other ways to use his skills. One of the best things to come from his service is a repurposed robot named Kay who works with him as he takes retrieval jobs and uses his plane to get where he's needed. He and Eliot Spencer have been friends since the army and have run up against each other in the dirty world of being a hitter for hire. Now that Eliot's found his own team with Hardison and Parker running Leverage, he's started to suggest Cassian do the same while also using Cassian's plane to get his team out of trouble.

ECorp, a multinational corporation has been a solid presence in the world and Cassian's been keeping an eye on them and searching for weaknesses.


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